SUNN Legacy Group

Sunny Kelley is an American Actress that began her film career several years ago with roots in Theater as well as Talent Exhibits. Though life packaged teachable moments extremely peculiar and unorthodox, Sunny would eventually discover her Divine Purpose.

Sunny was never shy. She recalls her very 1st talent show at a Summer Camp- she attended in the mid 80s- (back when Prince in Purple Rain was the Talk). Her mother dressed her in a flowery sun dress and decorated her pony tails with colorful ribbons. With little encouragement from her childhood friends, Sunny lip sync performed Sex Shooter by Apollonia. Unbeknownst to what she was singing about, the standing ovation left a lasting desire to entertain.

Sunny has a significant amount of Love for the Craft, she has expanded her abilities within the Film/Entertainment Industry by serving as an active member of the Production; Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Producer and the list goes on.

Sunny enjoys writing and inspiring others. She is a contributing writer with US Press Association and Licensed Insurance Broker/Recruiter.

Sunny understands her 'calling' to be Philanthropy. She believes her life to be an example and is predicated by the Laws of Attraction. 'Whatever Energies you exude in the Atmosphere are certain to return'.

Sunny works as a mentor for youth- with hopes that she could one day pass the baton. And also host an Actors Prayer Breakfast, Quarterly.

Sunny embraces the Journey of an Actress and learning New levels of her artistry and while seizing each teachable moment in this expedition; She is looking forward to sharing special moments and accomplishments with her family.