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Greetings, I am looking forward to attending the prayer breakfast on the 26th. I'm thankful that I was invited by Michelle. I thank God for giving you this vision. It's so needed in the entertainment industry for so many reasons. It's so much BIGGER than Acting. I'm excited! Blessings to all involved....

-Keara Davon Godwin

"It really spoke to my spirit and made me realize that God is the author and finisher so I need to leave it in his hands."........Ron English

I went in mentally, spiritually, physically, empty and broke. I have two more doctors than I can count. I left renewed, restored and my cup running over. You don't know like I know what God has done for me. Continue to pray my blessings in the Lord. I am thankful for an opportunity to get a spiritual renewing without judgment. Brenda Moton Walker


Lisa Dixon...." I was honored to be a part of Sunny Kelley-Aiken Prayer Breakfast, it was encouraging to see her passion for all of us. From beginning to end I felt comfortable being myself and connecting with those that came. I felt that the breakfast was an environment where ALL could come and be filled up with the tools to be successful in their purpose. I have been apart of many events and connected with many facilitators, but it is rare to find someone who is truly driven to help others. I met some amazing people there and connected with a few after the breakfast. If you missed the prayer breakfast you truly missed a blessing, however you don't have to be out of the loop, be sure to attend the next one. But come ready to to be encouraged and meet some great people."....Lisa Dixon

I love attending the Actor's Prayer breakfast. It's great to get with others in this field for one unified reason, and that's to give our Creator praise. Sunny has provided a platform where we can be encouraged and inspired through the experiences of our peers. It's truly like a family gathering. I want to thank Sunny for walking in her purpose! Believe me you don't want to miss the next Actor's prayer breakfast! Nina J

" Honestly I did know what to expect, actors coming together from various backgrounds and different beliefs. How was this going to work? I admit I was a little apprehensive. After all, actors like to own the space and command the stage and now, for this moment we were going to yield it….for something greater than ourselves. It didn’t take long for me to feel like I was at home! Home for me is more than my personal address; it’s a state of being and a place of comfort where I am not afraid to be vulnerable. Yes, I was at home here. People (actors) that shared the same doubts and fears and wonder as I came together to share. We testified, we felt each other’s pain and realized we were not alone, never alone. God gave this awesome vision to Sunny Kelly-Aiken and he smiled and put his seal of approval when we came together and joined hands and yielded to his power, his might and his will for our lives, our families and our careers. It was truly a Selah moment to stop and reflect and know that we are not our own but have been bought with a price. It was also a confirmation that we are to be leaders from within the entertainment industry, showing love while giving of ourselves. The Actors Prayer Breakfast, a place like home."

-Greg Lockett