SUNN Legacy Group


I Drifted Off, While Waiting for the Neon Sign to Turn Green thinking of that day in my White Sundress

Did I remember the Wine- My Basket!?

my feet accelerating Gas- as I could hardly wait to get to my White Sundress

As I escaped the Norm, Defying all Logic Jay-Walked through New York's traffic

Feeling my destiny play Hide and Seek- Wanting me to find and Show Off the Bloom

in my White Sundress

I can recall the Red birds gratitude while they dine from the dew

Clouds being calmly gray-but not a mist

Abandonment of man kind- set the atmosphere

I can almost see it- There!

A reflection of ME dancing to Quietness and Peace in my White Sundress

Playing, Basking and Entertaining Butterflies were my Companion- Reminiscing on Melodies that brought me that High Climax

Being driven by the Aircraftman- While He made loops of Valentines

Chimes from the Carousel..still ring in my ear

Could this be ........................Dejavu'